November 7th, 2005   Stephanie   Xanga   8 Comments

…happy anniversary…

i’ve definitely neglected my xanga.. though i am still wandering around, peeking into others’ lives, i’ve been quite busy and really haven’t had time to sit and blog.. i also had to get my laptop reloaded a few months ago and procrastinated in installing photoshop, which also contributed to my lack of enthusiasm for blogging.. however, being that today is our one year three month anniversary, i thought i should at least write a little something..

happy anniversary, mr. sam ng.. thanks for being sweet and taking me out for a nice dinner date.. i know it was a splurge.. diverging from our usual i-84 diner spot.. i think squiggly enjoyed it as well as he was moving quite a bit after dinner.. although, maybe he was saying i ate too much and it was getting crowded in my stomach.. nonetheless, happy anniversary husband of mine.. love you lots!!! just think.. in just a couple of more anniversaries, we’ll have squiggly to celebrate with us..

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  • it’s good you got to get out te…just think, two months left!  unreal…i’m so excited to see an ng-fabila combo….

  • celebrate with ice cream!!! … 3 – 2 – 1 .. sam frowns now.

  • hahaha.. maybe in about a month i can have more ice cream.. though not sure it’ll be as nice when it’ll be so cold by then.. and sam will have finished all the ice cream in the house.. maybe that should be on my wishlist.. hahahaha

  • te, make sure you have a post labor list of what you want to eat right after the pregnancy.  by that time you should be able to have any thing you want.

  • happy anniversary!

  • thanks Steph and happy anniversary guys!

  • i’ll try … i hope i don’t forget today after work 🙂

    how’s your pregnancy goin?

  • every thing that you’re about to face in future including the sleepless nites … ARE SOOOOOOOO WORTH IT! Enjoy your baby … the time will fly by too fast 🙂

    praying for yua

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