batting a 1000.

May 4th, 2007   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

Its very early in the morning right now. I just thought I would post something here to let everyone know. Today is Stephanie and my 1000th day of marriage. We’re going to try to celebrate by going into the city with the baby and spending some family time in NYC.

So if you see two love birds with a very chatty little baby boy walking about downtown NYC.. it will be us. I love you Stephanie.. thank you for 1000 days of me being the luckiest and happiest person.

side note.. I would have posted this earlier.. or at least gone to bed earlier.. but I have a new toy.. its not done yet.. but soon.. =)

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  • happy 1000th day, sweetheart. i love you.

  • happy 1000th day guys! enjoy your weekend in nyc, should be nice weather to take the baby for some dimsum, and samsam.

    and happy mother’s weekend too…that’s totally killing two celebrations with one paycheck. hahahaha…have fun you crazy kids. 

  • awwwww 🙂 happy 1000th day! i didnt know married couples celebrated that..

  • hehehe… happy 1000th day to you guys!… wow, that’s pretty long =)… wishing more thousands of days!

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