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January 17th, 2007   Stephanie   Xanga   9 Comments

…hello my one year old boy…

This time last year, I was being admitted to the hospital with my contractions coming every 2-3 minutes. It was a scary time, but very exciting as well. My labor was fairly short for a first time pregnancy lasting only a little more than 8 hours, but not as smooth as I had expected. Thankfully, I was blessed with a very kind nurse Monica who stayed even past her shift time just to see me through, and also our persistent Ob/Gyn who was adamant about not having to do a C-section on me. At the end of it, my mom was crying, I was crying, Sam was smiling crazily, and we had a beautiful baby boy.

I’m so thankful for this past year. It’s really true how being a parent opens your eyes to so many things and I’m so awed that God has entrusted this little boy to us. I praise God for blessing us with our son and how He has been with us throughout this year, from it’s rough start to the daily joys and smiles.

Sam and I have been looking forward to our little boy turning one, but also somewhat sad to see his baby days gone so today’s been a somewhat bittersweet day. We’re so excited though for this second year with Samsam. I pray that God continues to move in his life and will continue to help Sam and I as we parent him.

Happy birthday my little boy!  When you wake up, you’ll be officially one!

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  • happy birthday to the new toddler.. he is going to want many many hugs today! =)

  • awe te, i’m feeling you…babies really are a miracle, and an individual miracle because he’s his own person and no one else…isn’t that funny that babies even at young infancy can show who they are?

    anway, happy happy happiest first birthday to samsam. we love him soooo much, for being such a happy and charming boy.  and congrats te and ksam for surviving your one year, for being great parents that raised a healthy and happy samsam…

  • happy happy happy birthday samsam!!!

  • happy birthday samsam!!

  • Happy Birthday Samsam!

  • You should put up a picture of the way TTSam “walks”.  

  • thanks for the input steph, i’ll keep ya in mind when the time comes, i’m just kinda lookin’ ahead

  • happy bday!!! another blessed year =)

  • thanks for the input again =) just taking a 2nd look at where i am job wise

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