October 13th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

I am working from home today.. and gosh.. the rain has been pouring down here over the last few days.   In fact some of the roads that I take to work have been flooded.

I am beginning to feel that my work is a bit overwhelming..  the task at hand doesn’t seem too tough..  but the office politics is really getting to me.   I just had a small disagreement with my manager on where to put a tape drive..  I said I would put it closer to the system, but he went all nuts saying that he likes the racks to be clean.   I said..  then put them elsewhere..  and he didn’t like that either.

so far the job is rewarding that i know i will be learning new things..  but extremely boring because i hate doing the paper work and the office politics..   the paper work as in..  reading a spec sheet 5 times and giving it my ok.. only to have my manager think of some stupid idea that if i read it backwards it would sound different.

in anycase..   i missed Thanksgiving with my family again..  oh well.. maybe i can visit them during thanksgiving next year.

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  • i’m sorry ksam…i’m sure things will get better…i’m always praying for you and my sister.

  • tie a string on every tape … throw them under the rack, if he needs a tap, he can just pull the corresponding string. he he he. next upp how to defeat the minotaur …

  • hey sam.. next year we can go to canada for thanksgiving.. so squiggly will have 2 first thanksgivings

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