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…thanksgiving weekend…

due to my pregnancy, my traveling has been quite limited these days so it’s been quite a whlie since i was able to go to sj.. thankfully, we were able to have a nice long thanksgiving holiday weekend where everyone was home.. we spent thanksgiving alternately preparing food or entertaining emma |she’s such a charmer|..

friday morning/afternoon was spent on final preparations for our baby shower and of course the evening was filled w/family and friends who kindly came to help celebrate with us.. there was great food, great games, and of course great company.. everyone got a little crazy/competitive w/the bib game but it was amusing to see how ‘tricky’ people got.. thanks to everyone who came out and for your thoughtful gifts.. thank you esp for chesa who planned it and for the rest of the family who helped w/the food and preparations.. sam and i really appreciate it.. |ps, see chesa’s page for pics|

saturday was a slow day.. surprisingly, we did not get to put up our christmas tree which is our usual post thanksgiving task.. but i think we just needed to recuperate after the busyness of the past couple of days.. we did manage to have a sequence tournament and our own texas hold ’em casino game |w/o the admission fee jake’s casino had| and we ended the night watching a movie..

sunday morning, we ended up taking some family pictures before church.. our family keeps growing and growing.. last year, we added perze and sam.. this year we added emma.. squiggly to come next year.. who knows about 2007 but it’s great to see that although our family continues to grow and change, we also continue to get closer.. i know i treasure my family more and more as time passes..

belated happy birthday greetings go out to our niece, amanda |aka munmun| who turned three on saturday..

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  • good game te. one to add for future get togethers…although am still a bit sore from the terrible loss of toto and me.

  • yes.. it was a very wonderful party.. and thank you to all the people that attended and took time out from their holiday schedule to spend the time with us.

  • Thanks for the birthday well wishes! Happy 1 year 4 month 4 day 11 hour 48 min 32 second anniversary! May you have a million more of those!

  • congrats on the pregnancy! i thought aznstarling and u looked i know! as homer simpson would say “do’h!”

  • merry christmas steph…tell squigs to wait until i come back from the philippines 


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