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It is pretty sad when I wake up and before I head out to work.. I dread being at work.

It used to take me about 3 years before I get bored of a job and move on..  but this current job has to be the record..   I’ve been here 4 weeks and gosh..   and there hasn’t been a day that I wish it wasn’t the start of the weekend.

I have another meeting to go to this afternoon.. to talk about how black is the cabinet we’re putting the servers into..   is it a midnight black?  or is it a black hole black?   charcoal black?

the beauty of this meeting is that is proves no point and gets nothing solved..  and in the end .. it really doesn’t matter if the cabinet is black or silver..   but they like to know this stuff.

I had a small talk with my manager about service outages.. and he said that if there is a problem with the servers that it would be my responsibility to fix it..  I said what about the people that work the offshift?   They are not allowed to touch it..   I am oncall all the time?   what if I am on vacation?   I have to teach someone everything I know about AIX and the hardware..  I said “that could take a long time..  not because I know a lot of the stuff.. but because the others on the team don’t know how to remember anything.”

anyhow..    Stephanie and I have to prepare our apartment and things for the arrival of our baby in January..    we still need to go through the list of what to get for the baby.

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  • Don’t think of this as a problem, think of this as an opportunity. Seems like they trust your judgement. So get them to do things you want. Sounds like you got the power so use it to make things better. for both you and the company. And if they want you to carry a pager while you are giving birth (or your wife) Then either tell them no or give you insane ammounts of bonus.

    Example. My father was oncall one night, he was the top gun for the area. They paged him at 3am. Instead of saying ok, he said I want triple overtime on this. They had no choice but to agree. He then called up the customer and confirmed that it was ok to come in at 10am. 😉

    Oh yeah, and when you go away, make sure to do a backup just in case.

  • Thanks for the tip Darren.. I will make sure that I let them know how to do things. =) I have no problems on doing that as you already know. =)

  • ahahahaha true… wellllll we’ll see if i can pull an all nighter… ive only been in college for 4 weeks… and yeahhh i love college oh so much… in fact i dont want to go home as much but nooo… i guess thats the only thing i dont like about drexel — how its 30 minutes away from my house. oh welllllll..

  • lolz… code amber?.. i dont know what they use for at work for that… i think they do use a code though for a power outtage.. but then again, do we really need someone to tell us that there’s a power outtage? i think we can figure it out when there’s no lights…haha…

    so what happened at the meeting?.. did you guys choose which color black?… aren’t they all the same though? cuz how many shades of black are there?

  • ohh i love star wars.. saw every episode.. but no i did not watch porn and rent porn.. (yet).. hahahaha.. jk.. aww.. ru excited about ur baby boy? or is it a gurl? newhoo.. goodluck with the moving and ur baby.. i wonder if i can claim ur baby too.. hmm..

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