November 18th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   6 Comments

let this be a lesson..   never ever complain about work while driving..    I was driving..   going through my head regarding a meeting I will have this afternoon..    and I was thinking of things to say to motivate my team to get things done.  All was great..    pulled into my parking spot and hit the curb..   darn!   I like to think I am careful..  but this was totally a careless mistake where I did not focus at what I was doing.     I got out of the car..  nothing was damaged on the car..  ‘cept for the tires and rim..  the rim has a nasty 3 inch scrape on the edge..  and the sidewall of the tire has a scrape.

Anyhow..   I think I need to either stop talking to myself in the car..    or stop singing to the happening tunes on radio. =)

to top it off..  my manager is back in the office today..  and he said..  “i didn’t read all your mail..  but I want to talk to you about everything that happened in the world.”

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  • poor ksam…that can happen whne you have too much fun driving in the car. when perze has too much fun, he normally runs through red lights…it is very expensive fun.

  • i think it’s just another reason for sam to buy the rims he’s been drooling after..

  • hehe.. but if i get those .. i would have to replace the tires because the sizes are different. =)

  • oooo rims … get the ones that come with a gps module.

  • hahahahahaha! last time i checked you were married! hahahaha
    but YES THE SHOES MATTER! hahahaha! even thoughill prolly end up taking them off hahahaha!

  • ps. last time i checked you weren’t the pregnant one! hahahaha!

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