feb 7

February 7th, 2006   Stephanie   Xanga   2 Comments

..my two sams..

I’ve been asked a few times how I differentiate between my two Sams.. baby Sam is still sometimes referred to as Squiggly, but I’ve taken to calling him by his middle name Chi |pronounced Gee| Hong or Hong Chai |pron. Ji|.. but he also goes by Samsam.. a nickname I used to call Sam, so it’s appropriate for our little boy.

Feb 7 is a milestone for each of my Sams.

Happy one year six months, Sam!!  I’m so thankful for another month w/you.. which now also includes Chi Hong.  Thank you for always being with me and supporting me, especially when I start to run out of strength.  Chi Hong is very lucky to have a dad like you.

Happy three weeks to Chi Hong!!  When Sam and I first came home, everyone told us that by three weeks, we would be much more comfortable w/him and things would be better.  The only problem was how we would get through the weeks.  It’s now been three weeks and things have gotten better, but Chi Hong still likes to keep us on our toes.  Each time I think I’ve figured him out.. even just a little bit.. he throws a curve ball and I’m discombobulated again.  Supposedly, it should be even better by the time he’s three months.. hmm.. seems like that time frame is a moving target, but I guess we’ll have wait and see then.

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  • Ah! Sam looks more tired than usual in that pic. Isn’t that my shirt?

  • he looked so scared in this pic. he he he. we miss you guys.

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