December 6th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

It snowed over the weekend..  and was suppose to snow a lot last night..    good thing it wasn’t as bad as it should have been.    The roads were very good and the drive into work was very quiet.   Too bad I felt tired.. and nearly fell asleep at the wheel. =)   I had to call Steph to talk the rest of the way to work.

I have been pretty upset with my current job..     its just not rewarding enough to drive an hour to work everyday to face the folks here.    I have been at the job for ..  2 to 3 months now..  and in that time..   i have managed to ask the same question 10 times..   “what is my network switches?”   and the group responsible would then yell back and say that i am pressuring them.

The good news is ..  we’re only a few more weeks away to see our little baby.   I can’t wait. =)  the best part of being excited is that it feels like Christmas everyday..   less the snow and the tree… and the presents..   and the big feast.

Speaking of Christmas..    since this year was the year Steph and I were suppose to visit my family in toronto for the holidays..   but due to the pregnancy we are able to spend our first family Christmas in Fishkill.   We’re already planning the dinner and the movies we’ll watch until we can open presents. =)  As for presents…  last year I spent most of my time looking thru our apartment for my gift.. but this year..  i don’t need to look.. as Stephanie has always surprised me with Christmas…  you never know. =)  Next year’s Christmas we’ll get to add one more to the list..   so this makes this year the last one where its just Steph and I.

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  • i really can’t wait until squigs is born too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  he’s prolly getting ready to make his debut by practicing silly faces, and choosing which one he’ll show you guys when you first see each other. 

  • hahaha.. the six degrees movie game again, eh? yes, christmas will be very special this year for us.. i’m sure squiggly will make his presence known as well.. i can feel him getting impatient.. but only a little more than a month left.. what a way to start a new year, eh?

  • chesa.. =) that would be very interesting.. and your little emma will have a playmate.. =) I can just see their conversations.. “my dad is geekier than yours..” “no.. my dad is geekier!” =)

    steph.. you like that movie game, eh? so we left off at Showtime.. so we have to pick an lesser known actor/actress .. and see what else they are in. I think our baby will be a chatterbox.. and have a lot of questions. =)

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