February 11th, 2006   Stephanie   Xanga   7 Comments

…Chi Hong at week three…

Here’s Chi Hong during one of his daytime naps,
now 8lbs 5oz.. 2lbs 4oz more than his birth weight and
wearing a hand-me down from his cousin Zemzem..

Thanks, Ate.. my dad loves the shirt.

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  • .awwwwww..

  • hi te. samsam looks soooooo peaceful here..hahahahah. he’s so pogi, and i’m sure he’s making dad happy with the message on his shirt.

  • Congrats. hun!

  • i love him. a lot.

  • steph! i’ll give you a call tomorrow and let you know.. i’m hoping to go maybe with a couple of people… i hafta see when the best time is cuz bro wants to do something on fri nite with the fam for his bday… and i hafta do some rearranging of stuff for sat…. i’ll have a better idea bukas… hopefully

  • How’s your baby, Steph? And how are you? Liking motherhood?

  • np steph … we missed you guys!…it was a visit long overdue  wish we could’ve stayed longer… next time though… but man…all you guys are definitely troopers for driving that far each time you come back down to sj…

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