April 1st, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   No Comments

. . . |[ 031202 ]| . . . yey!! i actually went home at a decent hour today.. 5:30.. kind of sad since i remember a time looking at the clock and thinking it was a long time before 5:30.. anyway, to keep you updated on my life … my family`s minivan was stolen about 1 1/2 weeks ago.. it completely shocked me as it`s an old model and there was nothing that would make it stick out.. i don`t know how people can be so insensitive to how their actions affect others.. but thanks to rogie and alvin for being such good friends and picking us up..

. . . |[ 030102 ]| . . . another day at work and counting the hours til 5:30.. but at least i`ll have my bf [ mrsquiggly ], my sister [ AznStarling ], and my trusty mp3 player [no aa page] 🙂 to keep me company and make the drive interesting .. maybe we can go and get some sushi or chow fun [yum].. i`ve been craving..

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