April 12th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   No Comments

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. . . how time flies.. it`s march 20th and in a few hours, it will be spring.. how ironic that it`s snowing .. but i guess that`s good.. we haven`t been getting too much rain , which does not bode well for us..

so it`s three days til this weekend.. my parents and little sister will be flying to manila [i`m so envious ] for my aunt`s wedding.. and my bf will be visiting [yey!].. but i still wish i could`ve gone.. 😐 darn.. welcome to the real world .. but at least i`m comforted by the knowledge that i`ll have some pasalubong when they get back.. and lots of pictures to peruse of my cousins .. but darn.. i wish i could go!!!!

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