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. . . |[ 040102 ]|
. . . i`ve been meaning to update for the last week but something keeps coming up.. i celebrated my birthday , once at tokyo mandarin chinese japanese restaurant and at red lobster [where i pigged out.. i think i amazed sam w/how much i ate].. it`s amazing how funny eating can be w/certain people.. but i`m starting to see a trend occurring.. drama usually unfolds at the restaurant.. or we`re just loud and obnoxious [or that`s probably how we`re perceived]..

we had a great easter weekend [though it sapped all my energy].. friday, my friends came overand we watched the calling [not recommended] until 2.. woke up at 5 to drive my bro to the airport.. saturday was spent mainly on getting the presentation done and a small drama.. sunday, woke up 4:30 for the easter sunrise service at church..

i was really blessed by the cantata because i was again reminded of the great sacrifice that was made for the world.. it`s such a powerful story.. that God sent His son to die on the cross so that we might be saved and that Jesus rose on the 3rd day and is ALIVE! how awesome is that?!

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