June 3rd, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   No Comments

. . . |[ 050402 ]|
. . . today i was doing a bit of spring cleaning and trying to organize my documents and stuff.. and going through my cd where i stored all my old files, i get the message that it`s corrupted .. CORRUPTED!?! and i burned it to a cd so i wouldn`t have to deal w/this problem.. i guess it`s really true that you can`t depend on anything and things don`t last as long as you expect them too.. but darn .. this really upsets me cause it had all my old files [school stuff/old images]..

. . . |[ 041202 ]|
. . .
well i survived my first quarter close.. how hectic, stressful, exhausting.. i am so ready for this weekend.. although i need to clean the house [my family`s returning from philippines monday so it should be reasonably clean].. itshould be ok, though.. i find cleaning effectively relieves my stress.. or maybe it`s just a manifestation of my need to have order in my life..

anyway, these days i try to get on my new comp [still thinking of a name for her].. but it`s difficult when i come home from work where i`m pretty much staring at a screen all day.. but it`s so cool !!! sure beats my mac..

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