July 15th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   No Comments

. . . |[ 060902 ]|
. . . finally saw spider man and i must say i liked it better than episode II.. however, the question that bugs me is.. where`d he get his suit? anyway, just a quick update.. took a quiz and apparently, i`m a 60-70% stereotypical asian.. as if 10 questions could determine that..

. . . |[ 060302 ]|
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it`s definitely been a while since i updated .. anyway, i finally saw star wars [episode II].. i didn`t think it was that great.. granted, you can`t miss out on yoda fighting.. but it could`ve been developed better and the acting was only so-so..

i was also able to go to mt. fuji [a japanese restaurant].. didn`t know i needed to make reservations but at least there was room at the sushi bar.. an interesting experience to watch them make sushi.. 🙂 i`ve gotten very fond of sushi maybe one day i`ll actually try and do it myself.. but it was really nice.. though i could`ve done w/o all the happy birthday songs.. the guy sounded drunk.. :[

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