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each day i wake up later and later.. and dread coming to work more and more.. it’s been about 7 months since i moved here.. and though i’ve become more familiar/comfortable w/my role at work, i still feel as if i’m swimming against the current and though i move forward, inevitably, i get swept backward..

once one issue is resolved, another issue comes up.. i feel like i’m in a constant state of trying to keep up w/everything.. and who knew that being in such a big company would be so complex?!  i thought it would be easier but it’s like a complicated spider web.. so many systems, people, instructions, etc.. can we go back to the abacus?

anyway, today my friend mel is going to college.. err university aww, it seems like yesterday that i went off to university.. my friends were over at my house and we all cried even though i was only 1/2 hr away.. i know it’ll be a great experience and a great opportunity for growth for her..

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  • abacus’s too complicated for me .. try fingers.

    there are people who have worked for 20 years and is still trying to “catch up” with work.

    work is like surfing … if you miss a wave … *splash*

    are you driving down for the long weekend?

  • awe te, we went to say bye to mel and spent like 2 hours there…couldn’t say goodbye…

    it was so sad…and i was so jealous…haha

  • you get to stay at home silly girl.

  • perze.. yes.. i will be trekking the journey to sj this weekend.. but at least it’s a long weekend.. any time to have one day less of work is good for me 🙂

    chesa.. i know!! i’m jealous too.. i keep thinking of being back in school.. and the time in between classes when you can just relax or hang out w/friends..

  • my friend who goes to UConn will be coming over as well … we might just worship in SJBCI this sunday.

  • perze, if we let you.

  • perze….no we wont let you! hahah..

    steph: it’ll be a good weekend for you to relax =)

    cheetah: was it really for 2 hours?

  • tey: ya we got there round 10:30 remember? left round 12 or so.

  • i miss mel

  • aww.. i miss mel too.. did you guys call her?

    perze: so how was dinner w/the fabilas? 🙂

  • hi…it was nice to meet you laz Sunday…..hope to see again….God bless!

  • yah… nice meeting you and your family also… ill just email you on whatever plans in the future of going to new jersey… thanks a lot in advance…. God bless you too

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