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argh.. tuesday and back to work.. and the close.. how wonderful :[ i’m beginning to hate the beginning of the month.. anyway, enough complaining..

this weekend, i made the long trek to sj, accompanied by sam which really made the trip bearable as he likes to ramble.. stopped at dunkin donuts where i felt so special as there were 4 people involved w/taking our order.. and it was still wrong!

saturday was spent w/friends.. perze & bernard came over for dinner and then the youth cleaned up the leftovers 🙂 played some scrabble and catchphrase.. it’s kind of sweet how we still enjoy catchphrase.. hahaha.. i still remember the first game we ever played.. we didn’t want to sleep cause we were having so much fun.

sunday, had dinner w/the family and sam at tokyo mandarin.. my parents typically declined tasting the shrimp tempura roll and sticked to the chinese dishes but it was nice overall.. it’s been a while since we all went out together..

monday, left sj around 1 as sam was empathic about getting to the airport by 4.. surprisingly, we got there at 3:30 and ended up killing time at dunkin donuts.. we got our usual order.. egg/cheese bagel for him, coffee for me and had a nice talk.. it was nice just to have the time w/o having all the rushing we usually do to get to the airport..

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  • good thing you got the correct order this time. you did, right?

    re: dinner, it was great steph. it’s not everyday when i get to eat in a family setting. i actually went back and crashed at your place, again,  monday night. he he he. we had mongo and wings and stuff.



  • hey ate.. glad you are safe, hehe. i’m having my DDR party tonight, but i’m not exactly excited. oh well.. we’ll see.

    perze: haha, aren’t you weirded out by my strange family? i don’t think you should come.. ever.. again.. heh, just kidding. i’m glad you feel @ home in nj :]

  • God bless ate steph! hope to see you again…

  • kristy: ha ha ha, you nasty gladiator. j/k

  • perze.. yeah she had the correct order.. but i could’ve done w/o the attitude.. oh well..

    i heard about dinner.. you came back for more? you _are_ weird 🙂 but i must say i also miss the homecooking.. i can only take so much of my culinary skills.. hahahaha.. 🙂

    kris.. darn, i didn’t even get to try out the pad.. next time 🙂

    leila.. we’ll definitely have to hang out next time.. just bug perze for a ride 🙂

  • te, i’m trying to put something in your chatterbox, it doesn’t like me.  must be a stephanie thing. or a world thing!! oh my!


    hmmm…as far as dinner. guess what we talked about? you and sam…haha…actually…more geared towards sam and toto…hahah…we were complaining that toto is too hard on sam. awe. but toto said, “sam’s a good guy”.

    as far as your dunkin donuts during your goodbye…here was my initial comment that didn’t work:  “if all goodbye’s ended up in dunkin donuts, pack your bags and let’s go!”

  • ps- why is your comment page like mini emails?!  what is up with your nose?

  • chesa.. aww.. sam will be glad to hear that.. btw.. what’s wrong w/my nose? :p

  • yer nose is home to lots of kulangot, that’s what’s wrong

  • kristy: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • ew steph i thought you clean out your nose every night. you shouldn’t have kulangot in there! ew!

  • ok.. let’s change the subject.. i have great hygiene 🙂 besides, i’m not the one people call kulangot..

  • yikes! that’s kristie!

  • hi steph…what happened yesterday after you called me?  we got cut off…

  • hi steph… been busy lately huh?… i can relate… anyway, when are we gonna see some new entries here!… haha

  • while your at it… plz. clean up the double mess i did too… saweee :)… here, have some eProps…

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