September 8th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

it’s a nice sunday afternoon and here i am, at work.. trying to tie up some loose ends, send some notes, etc so that when the actual work week comes, i have less to do.. how sad.. but it’s better this way.. at least i can cross off some stuff on my to-do list..

i won’t have much time for entries during the next few days.. it’s the busiest part of my close so i thought i’d make an entry today.. it’ll have to do til i have some more free time on my hands..

yesterday, i went to a defensive driving course in hartford .. i thought i’d be late [as usual] but i got there on time.. the course reminded me of my driving course in hs, complete with booklets and videos.. but it was better than i thought it would be and we ended earlier than expected [1:30 instead of 3].. i drove around then headed home.. i ended up stopping at a mall just to see what they had available since it was early, made some purchases and went home.. it was a quiet night [usual for me in ct].. some tv and a book.. but at least i got some respite from stress and got some much needed relaxation.. 🙂

anyway, click HERE .. it has the proposals for the new WTC.. there are a lot of proposals.. let me know what you think of proposal 18 on page 30..

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  • sorry bout the weekend te…
    looked at the proposals…they were addicting to read and see…but i had some good chuckles here and there…

  • LASER beams! *ugh*

  • did you find the one w/the laser beams? too many pages to go through.. which one was your fave?

  • what on earth!?!?!? hahaha…. some good laffs there

  • steph: i would have to give the snow globes /ash globes a thumbs up for  creativity. it’s the first entry.

  • so you were stuck at work on sunday, eh? i was stuck working with this problem over the weekend too.. it was not fun… at least i was online.. and got to get on xanga! just like you!

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