September 11th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   3 Comments

birthday greetings to my brother who turns 26 today 🙂

[so i edited my post.. you must forgive me as i was very busy last week.. i’m trying to compensate] so it’s been a year since 9-11.. i was in philly that morning for a meeting w/my career management coordinator.. i came out of the meeting and saw numerous cars on the road which was odd since it was around noon.. i had received some messages on my phone from sam telling me to go home so i headed to the subway..

it seemed like everyone was trying to get out of the city and upon asking a woman who was also waiting for the train, i found out that the wtc had been attacked.. apparently, they were worried that philly may have been a target so the whole city was shutting down..

i remember when i got home, watching the replay of the attacks.. it seemed so unreal.. like watching a movie.. it was so incomprehensible that someone would have so much hate that they would execute such a horrible plan..

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  • your brother is turning 26 today? yowza! so is mine!

  • Your brother turn 26??   I could have swore..  he turned 25 last year..    does time fly by fast!

  • happy bday 2 ur brother! hahaha…so wut do we have for dinner?

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