September 16th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

well, another monday.. another day of work.. i seem to always be complaining about work.. i should do something about it.. but what can i say, i’m a procrastinator.. yes, i admit it.. which is probably why i’m sitting here w/a bunch of papers all over my desk..

i’m trying to get my accounting practice compliance done so that i minimize my followups or, even more miraculous, no followups.. i can hope, can’t i? 

anyway, the weekend was ok.. had dinner w/a friend on friday, shopping on saturday, and after church, my friends infiltrated my house.. it was a nice way to end the weekend.. esp since i got to see perze do ddr.. i was also thankful that the drive wasn’t as bad as i expected..

now, just to get through the week 🙂 pray for me..

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  • *urr* home is soooooo annoying.

  • you don’t like work, eh??    yeh..   same here..  its tough..  very tough..    jobs are so scarce now that you should just do what you have and continue to monitor for new development. =(    That’s what I am doing.. and the bad part is..  there is so many jobs.. but no one wants to hire me.

  • cant see anything, soooo brite, its hurting my retina. anyways, i like jakes thoughts.

  • *ugh* ddr …

  • hahaha….hi ate steph! it was nice to see you again…. i had fun! but, me & perze need more practice on ddr…….yikes!!!!

    i hope your week will be fine……. and i’m looking forward to see you again. (((((muahzzzz))))

    God bless you more and more each day!

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