September 19th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   12 Comments

hmm.. it seems that my flooble is not working i’ll have to look into that..

anyway, it is thursday.. it’s been very busy for me trying to get all my issues/to-dos done.. currently, i’m waiting to review w/my manager and controls co-ordinator.. the meeting was supposed to be at 10 but it is now 12:30.. hopefully not too much followups [i hate followups].. 

anyway, looking forward to the end of the week i need some relaxation.. 

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  • i need some relaxation too. buy me a ticket.

  • i think i got a lot of that….”relaxation”
    anybody want some?!?! i can give you some…. if you want?!?! hehehe……

  • yes please 🙂 i’d like some.. we should trade lei.. hahahahaha..

  • hi steph…not going to be home for the weekend?? hmm…relaxation..hmm we all need that…ha ha ha

  • sure steph………..

  • can i have some relaxation too?  i’ve been getting no sleep since school started.  have fun in canada steph   i’ll see you next week   you know…my visit w/ you is the highlight of the month…isn’t that sad? haha

  • hey i think we all need some relaxation.. hehehe!! school and work has been WAY too busy. i cant wait for the weekend.. ( i kno i kno the week just started


  • how was your weekend steph?

  • chelle.. hahaha.. that is sad.. considering you’re visiting ct..

    perze.. had a good weekend.. went to a wedding reception on saturday and just hung out on sunday.. how was your trip to ct?  lot’s of exciting and fun, stuff?

  • hi steph!…. are you gonna be home this weekend?.. i won’t be.. have midterms and such to study for.. err… wont be home till the weekend of church anniv.. even then i’m not even sure if i’ll be able to go there on time.. *sigh*.. we’ll see…

  • hey steph… how r ya?? hope everything is going well with ya. take care and God Bless

  • reen.. won’t be home this weekend.. or next [working next weekend :(] so i’ll be home the weekend of the anniversary.. guess we’ll catch up then..

    kristine.. things are going good 🙂 and you?

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