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i tire of venting about work but as i am, once again, in the midst of the worst days of my close.. i can’t avoid it.. currently, i am running my charts, desperately hoping all the numbers look correct and hence less followups for me.. but as the system takes a while to run, i thought it’d take the time to do a little xanga entry..

it’s been a week since i got back from T.O but the time has flown by.. tomorrow is monday but it doesn’t feel like it.. my week has been stretched from 5 to 12 days so today would be about wednesday for me.. i must have so much caffeine in my system but whatever helps me to function is welcome at this point.. the past few days have been 12 hr workdays so as of now, too much thinking is beyond me..

but at least i have the weekend to look forward to.. and hopefully the rest of the week will go smoothly and quickly.. i doubt i’ll get much rest as the anniversary is this weekend but at least i don’t have to analyze too much.. btw.. it’s sam and my anniv on tuesday.. 🙂 so something good to look forward to anyway..

ok, time to look through my charts once again..

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  • How many anniversaries are you trying to remember here? =)

    I know how much you do not like your job..  =)   but its something to do..   and we’ll just plug away at it..  until something better comes up… =)

  • hi te, sorry bout the job. we’re still praying for a better one. hang on a while longer…

    home has been home. i really dunno how to sum it up. maybe you can be thankful about having a home outside of home :)…remember how it used to be last year for you?

    as far as the anniversary, as much as your head is filled with charts, so is my head with what to do’s for church. i think i almost went crazy last week. i’ve decided after the anniversary to tone things down and try hard to simplify everything. hope to see everyone soon… let’s all get together friday 😀

  • hang in there steph.

  • aww! steph! work bites eh! im still praying for you to work closer to home, miss u much, cant wait to see this weekend eh. happy anniversary to both of you.

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