October 14th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   11 Comments

ok, so i made some updates to my page.. someone was complaining he was going blind w/the brightness of the background.. so a few changes..

on the 8th/9th was my anniversary though didn’t get to spend it w/sam it was still nice.. i can’t believe it’s been that long since we first met..

anyway, a rundown of the past weekend.. friday.. rain.. 10 course dinner.. slaving over tapioca balls for my bubble tea experiment..

saturday.. anniversary.. piano time.. hitting game where the guys were too rough.. poor perze, since he was the only guy to “win” the hits, the girls were a little too eager to inflict some pain.. dining table convo – too much fun w/the avon catalog and perze’s great miracle cure for breast cancer..

sunday.. funeral svc.. tatay vito was so sweet.. he kept calling her beloved.. long drive home.. but at least it wasn’t a lot of people on the road..

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  • awe. how cute

  • sure that isn’t a mole??  =)  so you got bruised??  =(  I hope you get better soon.   and if you want..   I will bruise those that hurt you..  we’ll start with your sister marchesa.  =)

  • ooooooooop… ches ur in trouble!

  • sam, you might wanna start with justin. hahahahahaha….now i’d like to see that!!!

  • seriously, i think the guys were just too excited cuz this was the only time they were allowed to hit girls. hahahahaha…and they were soooooooooooooo for it! as if it was in them to do so, yet society restrains them.

  • hehe awww steph!!=T it was fun though, right??

  • sam i think you should give justin a few bruises.  you can take him!

  • how did i end up w/the worst bruises?  i wonder how ruby and rochelle’s arm is.. perze, any calls from rochelle’s mom?

  • Hey Sam! i was one of those guys who hit her, u want some too?bring it dude!

  • ooooooooop!

  • steph: worse … she’s not probably talking to me. ha ha ha.

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