December 15th, 2005   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

I am stuck at work..   its been like this for the last few days.

I have been having extreme difficulty with the place I work at.   There is a lot of negativity amongst the groups I have to deal with..  mainly because I have been on everyone’s case getting delivery dates.    My systems have already arrived.. and that’s that..   no network connectivity or anything..  so I have been on my network team’s case about where my stuff is.. and they avoid me ..

It even got to one of the Director’s of the company and he indicated that I was being very rude and abrupt with a certain individual on their team..  and this Director went straight to my Director and complained..   my Director then complained to my manager..  and my manager asked me to clarify.. and I said I was not even at a phone..    or did i see this person recently.  Then my manager said to me that he was the one that made the rude comments..  but the bad part is that I wasn’t communicating with that person.

I really think this place is a nut house..     we have under educated people at high ranking positions that run their mouths off..    I had a long talk with my manager today..  and indicated that I am very dissatisfied with this company and its development of the project I am working on.   my manager continuously says I am doing a good job..  and he is very pleased..  but the next minute he sides with the folks that are pressing on me.

I have been called many bad things in my life..  but never have I been called a “bad good worker”..   a person who is a good worker.. but bad at being a good worker??   what is that?

well..   lets just say I hate it here.

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  • odd how things are done there ksam. do you get some time off once squigs is born?

  • i get one day after squigs..

  • ugh.

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