October 15th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   14 Comments
got my new laptop working today.. the guy came by, took my laptops and two hours later, came back w/my new improved laptop all set up.. very good.. i’m excited.. it’s so pretty.. hahahaha.. and tomorrow is “fun in the sun” for my dept.. we were originally going to the bronx zoo but as it is raining, we made alternate plans to go to palisades for lunch at a brazilian restaurant [appropriate since we’re the latin america dept] and then a movie for those who are interested  should be fun.. but then any day away from work is fun..

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  • hey you! wut did i say about you making friends and having fun up there?

  • rog.. it’s w/people from work.. i hardly hang out w/these people.. besides.. it’s only one day of fun out of how many days of suffering.. yeah right it makes up for it..

  • gosh hotbalong. you’re so jealous.

  • ha ha ha. HotBalong .. soo funny. i remember someone who was mad because she was not invited to go to a movie. ha ha ha.

  • awww….nice…have fun steph, and btw somebody is using my name on my chatter box….

    lhei > : hey miss.. had fun this weekend,eh?.. lol i know why!.. hahaha JUST kidding!.. miss ya! *muah

    ( that wasn’t me steph! ) do u have any idea?

  • hmm.. if it wasn’t you, i’d think it was rogie.. rogie.. are you moonlighting as lei?

  • me? good ol’ me? i dont think im capable of such thing. eh! im innocent i tell you, innocent! eh!

  • i think ur rite steph! it’s prolly’ rogie………”eh!”

  • right rog.. why do i not believe you.. btw.. lei.. where’s your friends quiz?

  • oh, i see how it is steph! what’z ur email add?

  • who’s to say they weren’t in the same vacinity? (rogie, open the book to v) hahahaha….

  • hello! im bernard…

  • hey steph!… i like palisades mall… how far is that from your place?… btw, my quiz, at least you did better than other people…hehehe…

  • palisades is about an hour from me and an hour from chelle.. either or is good for me.. we should do a friday night or something..

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