October 17th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   14 Comments

my coworkers have been urging me to go to the nine west outlet in mt. kisco so today during lunch, i drove over w/my friend marisol to check it out.. i succumbed to the boots calling out to me but it was a great deal so i’m pretty happy w/it.. i refrained from buying two.. but marisol bought 4.. which is on top of the 2 she bought the other day so i’m not too bad.. what do you guys think?

then after work, went to somerfields w/people from work as sort of a goodbye for our friend ken who is leaving us for coral gables, florida.. during that time, i had a drink spilled on me but overall, it was nice to just hang out outside of the office..

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  • ohhhhh steph!!! i loooove those boots!!! tres mignon!!!..hehe..i wanna go to nine west=P i miss goin to the mall..i never go anymore….

  • awww..   very nice boots…  how high are they?   are you sure you won’t lose your legs in them??   are these boots for fly fishing?

    spilt a drink??   were there shrimp dumplings there too? =)

  • daz really kool steph…i love those boots!!!!

  • ouch. hot momma.

  • boots for fly fishing, dats funny sam.lol. steph, sure the boots looks good now but when u put them on it might look …….ooooop!

  • you like that don’t you, rogie.. =)     i like the boots..   looks nice..   she can buy as many pair of shoes she wants..  only if i can get all the computer stuff i want. =)

  • dang! that is one tyte shoes.. iam planning to get one myself.


  • hmm.. only problem is, tried them on again this morning and they are a little tight.. they’re 5 1/2 but my coworker says they should stretch.. so now i’m debating whether or not to keep them..

  • those are very nice boots…. God bless

  • too bad you think the boots are a bit tight now..   return it soon..  maybe you should look for a new pair of boots..  eh??  =)

  • steph, i dont think the boots is the problem being tigth.oooooooop!

  • oooohhh!!  bastos!!  are you going to take that from rogie??  those are niiiiiiice boots steph.  how come you didn’t take me to this store when i came to visit you?  

  • rog.. eww.. my legs are fine thanks..

    chelle.. that was the first time i went! next time, i’ll take you..

  • steph…thanks so much for the boots…lol…I made them fit…hehehe…

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