October 27th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   11 Comments
sunday night.. was waiting for the world series game to be finished as sam is watching.. anyway, a run down of the weekend.. ‘the debut’ on friday then dinner at noodle gourmet.. saturday chores, deptford mall, and kate&leopold.. sunday church and hanging out w/the ‘new’ fabilas – rogie, lei, and perze maybe my parents can focus on you guys for a while.. hahahaha.. more details to come but that has to wait.. still gotta unpack and clean up a bit before sleep..  

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  • wow!.. i didn’t know ate ruth and kuya bio have 7 children!… LOL!!! … nice relaxing weekend steph?..

  • hello!!! wow sounds llike you have a busy week huh.. but its all good. God Bless!!


  • hahahaha…. u have 2 new brothers and a new sister… hahahaha

  • 2 new brothers and a new sister..  that’s correct bernard..  however..  you failed to mention that to steph..  its 2 new people to get her presents ..  and another sister to try her hair experiments on.   =)

    sounds like it was a good weekend steph!  yes.. world series was good..   bad finish though..  i could have used a bubble tea!

  • stand in line sam.

  • for bubble tea??  I get first dibs..   I am the supplier of the powder..   of course I get first crack..  did I say crack and powder in the same sentence??  my goodness..  what is steph mixing for you guys?

  • yes, we’re the van fabila family.. 4 girls, 3 boys.. hahahaha.. but as long as more presents under the christmas tree this year.. remind me to send my wish list..

    as for bubble tea, you people need to make your own bubble tea.. thanks for being the supplier sam will you be bringing me a big collection? should i take orders? hahahaha

  • hi  steph…….

  • hi ate tepan! see u soon eh!

  • don’t take orders from sam. i hear he is a bubble tea nazi…

  • and I heard marchesa has been drinking someone else’s bubble tea..  and saying how much better that is to yours steph!   my goodness…  and you two are sisters too!

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