November 1st, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   7 Comments

well, it’s finally friday.. tuesday was thea’s bday, wednesday was marisol’s bday, and thurs was halloween.. wednesday we went out for lunch to a greek diner for my co-worker ken’s good bye lunch as well as a celebration for marisol.. aww, we’re going to miss ken.. he’s off to miami.. lucky him.. not a close related job and in florida..

been a busy week due to an issue i’ve been working on and still working on :[ but we’ll see.. and now, it’s the beginning of the close again.. 2 weeks.. oh great.. but at least i have les mis to look forward to

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  • when are you going to see les mis?

  • some coworkers and i will be going on the 14th (a thursday).. taking the train to the city for dinner then the show..

  • wait a minute..  les mis..   the one where the guy steals bread and gets a beating?    i remember reading that in french class…   you’ll love the play..  i watched it in toronto..  and the best part was that the part where helicopter flys over head..  hmm.. wait.. that’s miss saigon.. isn’t it??   ok..  watched that one too..  =)

  • whoops..  forgot the eprops..  i still get a present for Christmas ..  right?

  • hahaha.. already asking for the christmas present, eh? aww.. and what will be my present this year? not a ps2, right?

  • Did you want a ps2?   i’m looking .. you know the saying..   “What do you buy someone that has everything?”    Well..  I have amended that saying..  “what do you buy someone that has everything in that reasonably price range?”  =)

  • aww steph!.. how was your weekend?

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