November 5th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   14 Comments
today’s word of the day reminded me of chesa.. so i thought i’d post it and share with everyone :
quid pro quo    \kwid-proh-KWOH\    (noun)
     : something given or received for something else;
     also : a deal arranging a quid pro quo

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  • aha… now i have a new word…

  • quid pro quo..    a deal??    you mean like exchanging presents on Christmas??

  • bernard.. you should sign up for word-a-day be a nerd like us! but at least you’ll know lots of big words and can impress the ladies..

    sam.. i know you know quid pro quo.. since you liked hannibal so much.. no need to hide it..

  • steph… what’s the website for the word of the day?.. hehehe… it’s been a while… remember, “conundrum”?.. hahahaha…

  • reen.. the one i’m on is found at this website..  http://www.Merriam-Webster.com

  • steph..   “be a nerd like us”..   why do you always include “us” whenever you are trying to talk about geekiness??  =)

  • yeah …. chemical terms… i know a lot of those. hehehehe….

  • reena.. if u need to find out the word of the day just ask JAKE…down………….!

    see u this weekend pumpkin, i got secrets..he he he!

  • eww.. i hate that term.. down there.. i don’t ever think i can use it.. i liked ‘what in the world’.. even tmi was better.. jake needs to choose better phrases..

    bernard.. so when will you be visiting perze again?  you should visit thanksgiving.. there’s always stuff happening and usually, each year the youth has a thanksgiving dinner

  • ya bernard, visit us for thanksgiving …. hitch a ride with my sis. … down there… hahahaha

    kidding te…

  • eww…. hahahaha… that “down there” phrase is really umm.. sumthin.. hahahaha… eeeeeeekkkkkssss

  • hey thanks for the invitiation…. ill be visiting my uncle and aunt in norwalk…. ill just see you on december…. hehehehe…..

  • aznstarling your tooo funny…. ha ha ha

  • hi “tepan”……ur home this weekend rite? but , i wouldnt be able to see you….my parents are home & i can’t go no where. i’m juz gonna call you one of these days, okeys? miss yah……….muaaaahzzzz

    God bless! and have a great shopping……i mean weekend!

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