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hmm.. pondering the whole premium thing.. but i just can’t reconcile myself to paying just to format my blog a pretty way.. anyway, finished my review and have some followups but not feeling motivated at the moment so i thought i’d blog.. it’s monday and i already feel so out of it.. just trying to get through the next couple of days.. isn’t that sad that my life is reduced to just getting through the days? 

oops.. my manager just stopped by.. w/my list of followups.. so i can go home soon.. yey! alright.. back to work so i can go get some rest..

but before i go, i’ll leave you with a funny conversation chesa and i had this weekend..
chesa: te, you should have sam put up the lights
steph: hmmm
chesa: sam’s not too handy, huh.. can you imagine if you and sam got stuck on a very remote island.. you’d be like “sam, we need to build a house”.. and then when you turn around *gasp* “what?!? a computer!” and the computer would have dsl connection and you whatever you needed online..
steph: ha ha ha.. that’s what you’d want.. if you were stuck on a deserted island.. you’d be like “[INSERT name here], we need a computer” and then when you turned around *gasp* “what?!? a house?!?”

so, i guess chesa and i have to plan it so we end up on an island together.. that way, we can share.. hahahaha..

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  • awe…..don’t work too hard steph. have a break gurl! i missed you this weekend….sorry, i don’t get a chance to see you. i’ll call u later….(muaaaahhz)

  • that was sooooo funny te…even reading it again it makes me laff out loud… !! LOLS

    hahahah…i like the whole [insert name here] thing…hahahahahah  you crack me up …

  • Hey ate steph! How are you? well just wanted2 say hi!

  • I am so handy..   you guys don’t know it..  but I was a very good student in woodshop!  and my dad is a carpenter..  and i watched him make stuff too!!  I know all the carpenter jokes.. heck!  my favorite band used to be the carpenters.   You want a house..  how about a house with a door!  so you can go in and out?   uh huh..  didn’t think i know that, eh?  =)

  • lei.. got home last night and got your voicemail.. aww, thanks so much.. i felt so loved but it was late already and i didn’t know your work phone so couldn’t call.. but thanks..

    chesa.. glad i made you laugh.. but you know what this means.. you need to find a guy who can build a house..

    hey aia.. aww your first comment on my page.. hope things are going well for you.. how’s jerry boy?

    sam, didn’t know your favorite band used to be the carpenters.. so you’re handy eh?  where’s my cube picture box thingy, then hmm?

  • ur welcome steph i’ll talk 2 u later, okeys!?!?!?!

  • share? share guys? ewa. you’re sick.

  • ha ha.. you’re funny chesa.. you know i don’t like to share.. that’s why you used to try to avoid me in the school hallways..

  • hahahaha…. if ur gonna produce cast away part 2, i know ur not gonna have fedex…. ull have microsoft! God bless yah….

  • steph.. i’ve been pondering the whole xanga premium thing too… i dunno.. we’ll see… so are you comin home this weekend?

  • reen.. nope.. won’t be home.. next week, i will and also for thanksgiving.. we’ll hang out then.. haven’t seen you since the anniversary.. it’s hard being a grown up

  • hard being a grown up?  i think britney has the hardest situation!!  she’s confused cuz she’s not a girl and not yet a woman.

  • hi steph…i don’t think i’d want to get stuck on an island with both you and chesa.  it’ll be just like how it was when we were younger…me in the middle looking back and forth at the two of you fighting…”uh…i’m going home.  call me when you’re finished fighting” 

  • chelle: hahahah…michelle, you just wanted to go home to play barbie’s by yourself. don’t lie.

  • chesa…nah you two had the good Barbies. 

  • no we didn’t chelle…you had ALL the pretty barbies…i was so jealous…even now…hahahahah…

    now you get all the cute guys….

  • hahaha.. chelle did have nice barbies.. i remember trying to get you to open the ones in the boxes.. hahahaha you still have those, chelle?

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