November 26th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

well, thanksgiving is almost upon us.. happy thanksgiving to everyone.. hmm last year, i think it was around this time that i started to do more w/my asianavenue account.. i had a precious moments pic of thanksgiving.. how time flies..

anyway, tonight, i will be journeying to sj as i would like to lessen the impact of the traffic and snow that is inevitable tomorrow.. however, being the good little worker that i am, i will be logged on for half the day tomorrow to do my work.. arggghhh.. i need a job i can just put down and not worry about.. but i am trying to be patient..

anyway, my little sis had a good idea w/putting her christmas list on her blog as i am clueless this year on what to get people.. i should probably do one too since some people *looks at sam* seem to think i am difficult to shop for.. hmm.. i’ll have to think about it..

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  • ya put a list.  house is gonna be full again. is that a good thing or bad thing? hmmm…

  • hey steph!.. hope to see you this weekend or even before that… chelle wants to go clubbing.. i’ll be in philly this weekend.. well, friday.. anyone wanna go?.. hehehe

  • michelle wants to go clubbing again?!  chelle, didn’t we just go like 2 years ago?! hahah

  • i consider it good.. hey.. remember last year we said that the dorados and the fabilas should spend thanksgiving together? what happened to that idea?

    as for clubbing, the best would probably be friday since we don’t want to be sleeping on sunday..

  • I asked you what you wanted..  and you said nothing..  so what else am I suppose to believe..  if the relationship is not based on honesty?  =)

  • sam: give her a gift certs.

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