two months

March 17th, 2006   Stephanie   Xanga   10 Comments

Today, Samsam is two months old.. sometimes it seems like the two months went by very quickly.. and yet it went very slowly as well. When Samsam was first born, the doctor told us we had to be very careful as it was very dangerous to get sick the first two months, so we’re very thankful the day’s here. In the past two months, he’s almost doubled his weight, gained a few inches, his eyes seem to have gotten bigger, and he’s started to look a little more like me than Sam. He’s awake and alert for longer periods of time, his smiles have become more frequent, and he’s started to make cute sounds as if he’s talking.

Though I still have minimal time to myself these days, it’s rewarding to see him look at me and smile and sometimes ‘talk’.. even when it is early in the morning to wake me up. It seems my little boy is a morning person. Ah well, at least he lets me sleep some more at night.

For those who still may not know, the baby’s dedication is on Sunday, March 26th. Please click here for details.

Worldy observations
For some time now, your baby’s brain and vision have been developing. So you might notice changes in the way he behaves. The way he stares at you. You can sense a wonderful feeling of bonding as the two of you appear to be in another world. A world of your own.Right now his power of observation is beginning to develop. You may notice that he is also fascinated by shadows on the walls. And when you pick him up, he may look around to see what’s going on. He is discovering the things around him.

Your face, or a shiny object like a toy, will hold his attention. He may stare at you, and all your facial details. Give him the best view by holding him securely upright. Then give him a global view of his new world. Lift him up and let him gaze all around. He’s taking it all in.

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  • hahah… he looks so amiable in his pictures!!!  happy two months samsam!

  • awwww….. he’s sooo cute! happy 2 months!

  • hahah, he’s a big boy! i can’t wait to see him again!!!

  • Our little chatty baby is a big boy. =) when I was holding him the other night.. he whispered to me.. “carry the five, add 3.. i am going to be super rich before i hit 3”

    I have no idea what he’s trying to tell me.. but i think he was half asleep.. you just don’t carry the five.. I chuckled… but no one else chuckled with me.. and then i was embarassed.

  • aw … how sweet 🙂 you even have a nickname samsam 🙂 Jesus bless you 🙂

  • kuya sam needs to write children’s books. honestly…he’s hysterical…does that mean funny?

    anyway, i can’t wait for next weekend, cuz kris will be there, and i’m not sick anymore, which means i get to kiss samsam.

  • aw he looks like you steph

  • Hey Steph,

    The baby is so cute!!! I love the annoucement card.  Thank you very much.  As for me, I am still on Baby Watch. I’ll let you know when he decides to grace us with his presence.  Talk to you soon.


  • Samsam looks so cute you just wanna eat him up (not literally!!) 🙂

  • randoms ;] hit me back<3

    is that your baby? he’s soo cutte!

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