September 10th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

Another day.. another xanga entry.. i am sitting at work.. its not that busy today. so this would be my 2nd xanga entry.. and how do you add those smiley faces? i received a few comments from people already… but how do you reply? i think i need the premium xanga package.. i hear with the premium package you get a tutorial on how to use xanga.

ever noticed that xanga spelt backwards is tagalog for .. ag nax! something steph says a lot.

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  • sam, with the premium package, they get someone to go to your computer and type and make up entries FOR you…!!!  that’s why everyone else’s blogs are so good.

    i have to rely on my own intellect. [no premium for me :(]

  • hi sam..its thea

    i see you made a xanga too..hehehe. as for the xanga premium..i’m only in the “free trial” and after that…back to the normal xanga…its like $25/mo. for a premium…!? anyways, have fun. ttyl. God bless.

  • i think everyone made it to xanga.. which explains why our aa pages are abandoned.. 🙂

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