September 11th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   7 Comments

news of the century!!!   I actually won something!!!

Here is the e-mail.

“Hi AIX –

Congratulations! You’ve just been upgraded to Xanga Premium (a Free Trial)!

Xanga Premium is packed with cool features:

* Image Hosting
* Spell Checking
* Premium xTools editor

As a Xanga Premium member, you can check out all of these features by signing into your Xanga Site and clicking on “New Weblog Entry”. Or, if you’ve installed xTools in your browser, then you can just click on that and the Premium xTools should pop up. From there, you should be able to access all the new features, including Image Hosting and Spell Checking.

As you get a feel for Xanga Premium, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email at premium@xanga.com… or post to your Xanga Site with your thoughts. We hope you enjoy using Premium as much as we’ve enjoyed building it!”

Looks like someone is moving up in this world..   I feel more prestige..  more cooler than before..   I have reached the fonzi of xanga!

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  • um….ya….what…a great…um…accom..pl.ish..ment…


  • Face it..  that is a big accomplishment..   its not like they are giving them away..  they are picking the elite..   the best of the best..   sort of like in Enter the Dragon.. but without all the fighting.

  • well then i was the best of the best 5 months ago. now i am dirt to xanga unless i fess up the cash. haahhaha

  • and they’ll take it away after 30 days. and they do it to everyone too …. more like return of the dragon but Bruce Lee is portrayed by Kathy Lee.

  • ooop! hahahahaha

  • hey i never got offered that! 

  • Michelle..   =)  

    yes..   as i stated..   I have reached fonziness..   Notice the Fonz speaks like he’s Canadian??   “Ehh..  hey cunningham..  ehh!!”  

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