December 5th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   4 Comments

hmm.. snow.. a beautiful blanket of white covering the ground.. i woke up early this morning, motivated by the though of the inevitable work that awaited me at the office.. the snowflakes were tiny and i was surprised at all the school closings because i thought it wasn’t so bad.. however by the time i arrived at work, the ground had an inch of snow and the “snowflakes that fell on my lashes” were temporarily hindering my sight..

by noon many people had left or were about to leave.. but my dept was still plugging away.. 4WD is apparently very important.. by 2, half my dept was gone but the i&e was still there.. how typical.. we were finally told we could go home if we were concerned about driving around 2:45.. left at 3:15, spent about 10 mins getting the snow off my escaflowne and my usual 30 min drive was turned into an hour..

so i logged back on after dinner to do some work and am now listening to my mp3 disk.. it’s weird how songs bring back so many memories..

alright.. gotta work on the powerpoint for the cantata.. be back in a bit..

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  • yay. snow. snow. cantata. work. lots .of it. boo

  • cold… brrrrr…. cold…. brrrrr….

  • haha.. escaflowne. SO YEAH~~~

  • yes.. poor escaflowne.. she probably hates me.. leaving her out in the cold to get covered by all that snow.. it takes me at least 10 minutes to get the snow off and the windows all cleared.. darn this, i need a garage or something..

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