September 13th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

its friday..   the 13th!  

a few of the wacky things I noticed was that when i logged in to make my weblog entry..   first off..  I thought my preimum service was remove from me..   to my surprise!! 

But then I realised that I was logged into someone else’s account..  my goodness.

So what do I have planned for today?   Well.. nothing much..  more car shopping..   I was going to write about my experience when talking to dealerships..   I already know that the RAV4 by Toyota..  gosh.. that car is not fun to drive.   I dunno how people do it..  that car just has looks..   and I swear the demo I tested had this funky smell of sheep.   If not sheep..   some farm animal.

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  • get the escalade sam. it only costs 65k smackaroos.

  • and oh, happy friday the 13th to you too …good thing you are not a paraskevidekatriaphobic person … are you?

  • the escalade??   =)   isn’t that stairs in french?   oui oui.. je parle un petit peu francais.   I will do more car shopping and browsing this weekend..  hopefully i can find something.

    parakevdektraphobic what?   i cannot even spell that..  isn’t that the phobia where you are afraid of spelling long words?   or is this a russian word to say I am a figure skater with my long johns on too tight?  Ouch..   that would be freaky!  =)

  • forget about buying a car sam, unless the car is for me. ha ~ha! (sounds like ta~da but ha~ha!)

    as far as the phobia is concerned, it must seem to be the fear of the “fourth floor”…certainly where my sister shops.

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