September 14th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   6 Comments

Saturday!!   what a busy day it is today!!  spent the day looking for a car..  as noted in my last entry..   had a pretty tough time with that..   my sister joyce was able to locate a dealership that had a good car..  so instead of car shopping for myself..   we ended up getting a car for her..   we got a protege5 for her..   a very sweet deal..   i was very impress with joyce’s negotiation skills.

..  the sales manager looked like ben affleck too..   my sisters did a lot of research on this car..  so they knew it pretty much inside out..  and we just need to sort of the money matters..  we have it spread across a few places..  but that should not be a problem ..   in fact..  i think we don’t even need to finance..  we were just taking advantage of the great finance rate.   when does she get the car??   she is picking it up this friday..  or maybe earlier..  we don’t know…  its up to us at this point.

..  and now its my turn to car shop..   i’ve been struggling over choices..   i want to get the Acura RSX..  but there are folks that say that the car’s cornering is not that great..  and knowing my driving and my taking on ramps at double the speed limit..  that would be a huge factor…   if i can get a test run at the Subaru Imprezza WRX..  maybe i will lean towards that… so perhaps i will see something i like next month..  or early next year. =)  you never know.  

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  • wow sam. when are we gonna go car shopping for me?

  • hey sam!… wow.. everyone is on xanga now.. hehehe

  • Marchesa…  car shopping for you??   what car are you interested in? =)

    Sarena..  yes..   joined xanga not so long ago..  how’s it going??

  • good… school bites tho.. haha

  • *urr* sorry sam to hear bout your headaches…i’d send you some tylenol…

  • chesa..   you want to send me drugs??   watch out the border cops..  you’ll be arrested for trafficking and its not even the good drugs. =)

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