December 12th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   10 Comments

thursday morning.. 9WD.. so i’m pretty much done with my close.. back to old issues that have been put on hold during the past 2 weeks.. *sigh* it seems like it’s just a cycle.. rush rush rush.. slow.. rush rush rush.. but i am scheduled to be on vacation from the 24th til new year’s.. then back to the grind.. and i even have work on jan 4/5.. year end is so going to be bad..

anyway.. so what have i been doing the past few weeks besides work, i don’t remember.. it seems like time is flying by so quickly.. i still have my family to shop for.. always the difficult ones.. but i have some ideas so hopefully it won’t be too bad..

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  • it’s about time to manifest those ideas

  • yeah.. i heard about your ideas for my present.. sam doesn’t appreciate that.. hahahaha

  • hi steph…how’s everything going?  is work getting better?  ggrr…i’m so stressed right now. 

  • chelle.. just got done my close.. monday was so bad, it felt like it should have been friday cause i needed a break.. finished all my reviews but now i have a lot of issues to resolve before year end.. so i’m stressing.. stressing stressing.. but it’ll all get done.. and whatever doesn’t doesn’t.. so what can you do.. can’t dwell on it too much or i’ll go crazy.. i think maybe i might be since i seem to be getting forgetful these days.. oh well..

  • I had no idea what 9WD was about..  I thought you meant 9 wheel drive..  because you had 4WD in an earlier post..  and i thought you wanted to change your car. =)

    so what gifts you getting for your family?? =)   sounds very exciting. =)

  • aww.. steph.. i bet that week of vacation is much needed huh!!??… i’ll be praying for you… g’luck with work…

  • hi tepan…..how are you gurl? c-yah this weeekend

  • sorry sam.. wd=workday.. and i’ll be keeping escaflowne for a while.. you know how the fabilas are.. keep it til it dies.. i mean, we still have our first van which is older than kris

    reen.. i definitely need the week but i’ll probably be logging on once in a while to check on stuff.. too many open issues.. i need a job that i can leave w/o worrying about it too much..

    lei.. cool maybe one day i can finally go to kamayan.. have some halo halo.. though it’s a little cold for it..


  • i think i need a vacation too.  let’s go to france like we planned…lol…

  • yes.. i think skiing would be good.. around the 29th-30th timeframe

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