September 17th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

augh..   the morning just started..   and work is ..  sooo blah..  i just don’t feel its worth it today..  the laziness that some of my co-workers have..   its unheard of.

i just spoke to one of our big accounts..  and the guy was a turd..  i think in his previous job he was hired as a speed bump.  i had a chat with him on friday to do something for me..  because he said he needed a response urgently..  i gave him the response.. and now he’s second guessing himself on how to do his own job.   and this guy probably gets paid more than me.

oh..  better get back to work..   looks like another numb brain here is asking for help.  i never knew what valuable resources books were..  sometimes i think people here don’t read because its either they are dyslexic..  (which is understandable)..  or they have no education (highly doubtful)..  or lazy.   so i basically have categorised my co-workers as lazy..  or plain stupid. =)

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  • aww.. don’t let those people bug you.. it’s not worth the aggravation.. besides, there’s only 4 more days til friday.. isn’t that reason enough to smile

  • OUCH!!!!

    but your descriptions were so funny sam. only you have a tongue sharper than time’s arrow.

    so witty sam. you should write a book.

  • or both sam …

  • steph..   yes..    friday is coming..   but not fast enough..   =)   i will try to not let my co-workers mess with me.

    chesa..  witty..   i am telling you.. its sometimes very tough to hide geniusness. =)   why do you think we go mis-understood so often?

    perze..   both??   i met a few of those..   lazy and stupid..   we have this one guy at work that fits that category.   you know to avoid him when he comes walking..  =) 

  • sam i love your descriptions.  you’re too funny =P

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