September 20th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   7 Comments

ohhh..   its friday!!   my friend is getting married tomorrow!   congrats to Becky and Mike..     I went to highschool with Becky..  and was in IE with Mike during university..   so weird.

anyhow..    more gripes..    talking to one of my co-workers..  and gosh..    this one billable call ..  which was thought to be pretty simple has became a nightmare..   unbelievable..    customer has no idea what level of AIX he is running..  he’s completely clueless on what passwds on the box..   and wants crucial data from it..    good thing for him..   we can try our best and charge big bucks and not worry about actually restoring any data for the guy. =)

Stephanie is arriving in toronto shortly this evening….  I have to see what she wants to do later on..  either tonight..  or during the week..  the good news is i live 5 mins walking from a 24 hour burger king..   we have dinner planned for everyday!  =)

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  • good think it wasn’t a dunkin donuts, eh?

    you guys enjoy your weekend. i’ll be driving to CT to visit bernard.

  • hey perze..   there are a few dunkin donuts here..  but in canada..  the big donut chain is called Tim Hortons..  and its all over the place. =)  

    have a safe drive to CT.

  • ha ha. i learn something new everyday.

  • what kind of a name is tim hortons? would you want a tim hortons small light and sweet? what in the world is that?  i just don’t see it. get rid of it.

  • chesa.. =)    Tim Hortons..   they don’t use the terms light and sweet..    I found that strange when I visited..  and I was wondering..  “What in the world, eh?”   =)  

    the classiest joints are the best.

  • hehehe…burger king everyday…..

  • Leila..   yes..   =)   BK everyday..  hehehe =)    So far we haven’t had it..   we just had dinner with my family..   and steph attended my friend’s wedding with me..  the food was not that great there..   ugh..   she will have more on that.. =)

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