September 24th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

my friend Mike and Becky had their wedding on saturday..   during mid-autumn festival..   it was very nice to see my two good friends soooo happy. =)   also..  what was a pleasant surprise was seeing all my old highschool friends there as well..   but eventually the sensation wore off..  =)   the annoying/obnoxious chatter began shortly after we were served dinner.   I think Stephanie was equally annoyed with these two girls..   one couldn’t stop claiming about how horrible the singing was..  and the other could not stop saying how she was the queen of the world it seems.  i must say that my university friends are way more mature than the highschool friends..   which is odd..  because my university friends are a bit juvenile..  =)  

however, i was not going to let that ruin my friends’ special day.  a lot of tears of joy and smiles went around as we hugged the bride and groom.

after the wedding..  steph and i needed more food .. the wedding served about as much food as you would get during when someone is fasting..   we went to tim hortons ..  but it was jammed pack at night..   never knew there was such a night life in markham..  =)  ..  we instead went to mcds.

soo..   it was a good wedding..   two good friends got married..  and i had mcds. =)

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  • okeys. wedding over. now bring my sister back.

    kiddin. ahhahaah

  • so when is your turn? 

  • aww…   steph already left for home. =(  

    when is it our turn??  =)   i think steph should know before everyone else does first. =)

  • hehehe.. and once again, the drive through person, with her ‘special’ ways served us so ‘gracefully’.. and got our order wrong.. but at least we lucked out.. free burgers are always good 🙂

  • ha ha ha. taht’s why they were good … becaus ethey were free. i wouldv’e known better.

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