December 20th, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   7 Comments

theme of the day.. run run run..

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  • hahaha…my theme for today is…jump…jump…jump..
    i’ll c-yah tom

  • soo..   where did you end up running to?  =)  

  • i was running around trying to tie up some loose ends at work since i will be working from home on monday.. but guess what.. got my fixed comp.. and was able to log onto the network.. and to the vpn worked.. which means i don’t have to dial in on monday.. gotta love that

  • theme of the day…smile smile smile

    just hated the rain.

  • steph..   how did you get access to the vpn??    did you get a secureid or keyfob type thing??

  • sam.. through at&t net client.. just changed some settings..

  • i have to change some settings..  are you sure you did not hack into the mainframe??  i see..  you are a classic hacker..  whoo hoo!!

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