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..   ok folks..  a few people have asked me..   my anniversary with steph..   how come its October 8th and 9th??    the story goes as far back as when the first October 8th and 9th rolled around..  steph and i were on the phone..  and we sort of lost track of the date..   so we’re guessing really.   I think that is just a ploy for steph to get twice the presents ..   good thing for me..  she likes driftwood..   =) 

so..  its the church anniversary this weekend..   and though I won;t be there..  i will be busy studying in Dallas..   i hope to get some certification tests done..  so pray for that.   the certfication will hopefully get me a free whopper at BK..   but seriously.. i need to bug my manager for a promotion.. if not a promotion..  i don’t want to wash his car anymore.  =)

ack!!  i only get two more days of premium..    i really don’t know the diff..   let me try some of these icons at the top here..

this must be bold..  it is!!   bold and italics..  whoo hoo!! bold, italics.. and underlining..   these premium account holders are sooo lucky.

what!?! ..  i get tangerine coloured writing!!

    i have every smiley in the world on this..  I wonder what the Premium folks do if they lose this..  they have emotionless blogs.

My goodness..  I even sound smart ..  I am reading an differences redbook!   whoo hoo!   I am going to be so  to see my premium© go..   i need a..  darn.. premium sucks.. there is no hug icon!

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  • that was the funniest blog i’ve ever read this week. sam, you have a gift…or maybe it’s just cuz you have premium…you have two more days in funniness so don’t blow it.

    as for the anniv. this saturday, we’ll miss you…people asked in church if you were coming down.

  • c’mon sam … after you can get that certification you can probably even afford a burger king!

    steph: nice ploy. ha ha ha

  • chesa..     it has to be the premium thing..   its the best thing to happen to xanga since the web.   Who are the masterminds behind xanga..   this premium account thing is such a tease!

  • perze..  =)   buy a burger king..   never thought about that..   i can add like an asian twist to it..  burger quan..  and the mascot will be an asian guy running around with a hamburger and tempting the people around..   “You want the burgers!  you get at Burger Quan!”   ..  it won’t be the whopper..  it will be a Wongburger. 

  • it’s the 9th.. but anything that gets me 2 presents instead of 1 is always good 🙂 as for anniv.. too bad, eh sam?  you’re missing out.. besides, i need more smarties

    burger quan, eh? where do you come up w/these things.. and what exactly would go in these burger quans?

  • noodles…definately noodles in the burgerquans…and rice. definately rice and noodles in the burgerquans…and pork… yes…good ol’ pork, rice, and noodles in the burgerquans.  altho i don’t think it will be FDA approved.

    the number 5 will consist of a burgerquan, a supersized green tea soda, and french fries, but to keep up with the theme, we’ll just disguise them be saying asian fried potato.

  • you people are horrible..   here i am .. looking for a hug..  and you guys just it off..  and I am all

    you guys just pick on the burger quan idea..  just you wait..  i will be a very rich man..  and be so cool..  i am going to brag about it on xanga all the time.  darn it..  how to i get coloured writing!!!?!

  • hmm.. the burgerquan needs work.. i don’t know if i’d want noodles and rice.. and i’ll take a bubble tea instead please.. 🙂

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