December 31st, 2002   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

well, another year is over.. in a few more hours anyway.. 2002 has been a year filled with events and yet it has passed by so quickly.. i’m very thankful for the provisions that God has provided and as always, the numerous blessings he has generously given.. i look forward to the new year that is coming and everything that comes along with it..

this year, new year’s will be different as i will not be w/my family at midnight.. usually my parents like all of us to be at home.. even if there are no specific plans.. but this year, due to unavoidable factors.. like work.. my mom and bro won’t be at home.. and so my sisters and i will be ushering in the new year with friends at church..

but to all.. happy new year!!! see you next year

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  • happy new year!!! thnx for being  a wonderful friend to me, tepan…..

  • happy new year to yah…. God bless yah…

  • hi steph…happy new year!!

  • thanks guys..

  • praise God for 2002!!!

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