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April 2nd, 2006   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

…our first trip with samsam…

Since it’s been nice the past few days, with the weather warming up, I’ve been trying to get Samsam out more.  The other day was quite sunny, so we took a walk to the clubhouse and back.  He seemed to be a little discombobulated by the brightness but I think he enjoyed it.  He even got so comfortable, he fell asleep |although, he’s contented for the most part just by being held|.  Since he seemed comfy enough traveling in his Bjorn, Sam and I decided to take him to the mall last night.

He had fallen asleep in his car seat, but when we took him out and put him in his carrier he woke up very quickly.  His eyes were very wide and his head kept moving from side to side to take in everything.  He stayed quiet.. probably in awe of everything.. that he didn’t even complain of his wet diaper for a while.  Sam and he ended up at Sam’s favorite spot |TV shopping| where he eventually fell asleep.  I think he might have been a little overstimulated, as he stayed asleep even through dinner.  He even slept pretty much the whole night in his crib |a first| and was very talkative this morning.  He was probably trying to describe what he saw last night; he was very excited.  🙂

Anyway, on a side note, we had a nice surprise shopping last night.  I usually hate buying clothes in NY due to it’s 8.25% tax, but apparently there’s no tax on clothing and footwear for the rest of the year in NY, as long as it’s under $110.  I’m a frugal person, so yes, tax bothers me since it adds up.  It comes just in time for dress shopping as we have a few weddings to go to this year.  We even bought Samsam a nice shirt that he can wear.  I wonder though.. anyone have ideas where to get suits for 3-6 month olds?  The ones I see are usually for 1+ year olds.

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  • see? they love shopping for some reason!  so if you ever just want some time to peruse out, bring the bjorn, they’re fine with it…they seem to tolerate it more than being strapped in their stroller carrier.  it’s good he’s getting to the [point when he can hold up his head. it’ll get a bit easier going out.  so good that spring and summer are coming.  that’s what’s good about having a winter baby.

  • I think he wants a new TV..  that boy of ours is hook on tvs..  =)   not to mention fast driving. =)

  • steph! how was your weekend in canada? hope all is well, i dont know if you heard it yet… let me know what time is good for me to call maybe ill 3-way marchy too

  • you sound busy haha

  • hey steph, i got your messages… that’s fine.. just give me a call k?

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