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Its tuesday morning..  the day after thanksgiving..   yesterday..   dave (my co-worker that is here in dallas with me)..  and i..  went out for dinner..   the restaurant of choice was a very ….  manly choice..  lets just put it that way..  i swear its a family place though.  this diet thing i am on..  its not good for me to be in texas..   the hamburgers here are the size of my head…  and at McDonald’s..  the quarter-pounder is in the kids meal.

i’ve noticed there are a lot of blonde people here too..  the waitress that served us yesterday..   i had so much trouble understanding here whenever she came by to ask us what we wanted to order.. and what we wanted to drink …  she said.. “y’all red twater?”  i said..  “pardon me??”   she said..  “y’all red twater?”   i was thinking..  maybe i should try to talk texan back to her.. maybe not..  i heard the people get pretty over the top about culture..  and dave and i being the only chinese people in a 20 mile radius…  we thought hard to understand her…  so we ordered..   dave ordered first..  he got this chicken wing deal..   she said.. “y’all wut laks all the fixings?”  we heard fixings..  and just said yes..   i ordered a salad.. (to stick to my diet)..  and she said.. “hey sugar? why y’all getting just a teeny weeny sals.. y’all ain’ts laks the foot ‘ere?”  I was thinking sugar??  in salad??  i said.. “no..  i will just have salad with the dressing on the side.”  during the meal..  she came over just to see how we like the food..  and she said ..”y’all s’ok wit ev’rything ‘ere?”   i understood that…  I said .. “everything is fine..”  she had a puzzled look on her face..  so I better speak texan back..  i said.. “that’s a big 10 4.. check one two… over.”   but i guess that isn’t texan..  just trucker…  oh well..  that was dinner.

btw..  there is a lot of country music on the radio..  but in the stores..  its all the popular stuff.  they have a store dedicated to dallas cowboys..  a dallas stars store..   so its nice to see theme stores like that…  everyone drives a mustang down here..  ford cars…   ok..  enough ranting about dallas..  it is a very nice city though..  a lot of open space..  and the city sky line is a bit low.. but i could live here..  wouldn’t want to speak like that..  but its a nice city.

..  ok..  i have breakfast to get to… and a day of classes..  in between..  i should study. =)

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  • agh .. you crack me up sam! we did miss you over the weekend.

    God Bless.

  • texan- trucker. trucker -texan. both start with T. 🙂

  • hey sam.. i see you are enjoying your texas experience.. how ironic that you make more xanga entries when you should be studying.. so what’s on for tonight’s dinner.. i hope it’s not the same place as last night..

  • perze…   yes..  i wish i was at the anniversary as well…  better to be with friends than these computer geeks that try to show off their computer skills..  like..  Who knows how to do this?  one geek will say ..  you have to change this script and that script… you know the type. =)

    chesa.. good analogy..  both start with T…  this city is nothing but a big empty space..   though there is a huge football stadium..   for college kids..   beats the willies out of the varsity stadium that the university team in toronto play in… its no wonder the athletes here are better..  the facilities are better. 

    steph..  i am studying!   =)   but its quiet in the morning..  so i can do some blogging..  =)   dinner..  we wanted to go back to the same place..  but this time..  knowing what the place is..  i stopped that..  i said..  no way we’re going there..   the food is average..  its decor is average..   the denny’s was better..  though the food was kind of late..  maybe the cook had to kill the cow to make the burgers.  i should have just had a salad again..  they probably have that stuff pre-made from last year. =)

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