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its wednesday morning now..   and i must say..   dallas is one city i would not mind living in..   the city seems pretty safe…  the times i walked thru it at night…  i like the openness of the city…  though i would need to see where the asian contingent is..   if i am the only chinese guy here.. and they think i am a circus..   i think the folks here will be quickly bored of the song and dance i do.

tomorrow i have an exam .. pray for that..  i should try to write three exams..  i just dunno if i can make it in the schedule.

…   *sigh* …  not to sound overly sappy..  I miss steph. =(   i heard she is not feeling well too…  ok.. i will keep this short…  i was just thinking..  you know those people who write..  “i am not in the mood to write much..”  I wonder why they even bother updating xanga…  but i guess i know the feeling now..  you feel like you need to write something to get it out of your system..  but it becomes blog block.

if you guys want to know what i ate yesterday..  i went to my very first denny’s yesterday..  and let me tell you this..  it will be a long time until my next denny’s. =)

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  • you are indeed one huge chunk of sapness! ha ha ha kidding. we know she misses you too sam.

    as for that suggestion .. no doubt that vi can do that … good old vi, it took me 6 months to realize how to exit out of that thing.

    with regards to the file mutilation, no can do .. record integrity could be compromised. something you don’t want to do when lives are at stake …. or money.

  • poor sam. seems all the fabila’s aren’t doing so hot these days…i think my sister got sick cuz of me sam.

    sorry te. if it makes you feel better, i’m still sick…but mind isn’t altered and physically, i’m still able to work and homework…urrrr…

    sam, it’s okey to get it out of your system…esp. for all your friends to see! i’m trying hard to refrain from poking fun…but i will not excuse you for the denny’s thing. what were you thinking?

  • aw sam…you’re first denny’s..hehe.

  • aww.. yut sey sam.. good luck w/your exam tomorrow.. you’ll be fine.. don’t worry so much..

    as for me, cold is progressing.. but not too too bad.. drinking oj and dayquil.. but today was good as it was just a nice lunch and walking around palisades..

    chesa.. watch where you’re spreading your germs.. eww…

  • perze..  vi is a great tool..  definitely the best editor out there..  =)   you should try to use grep for your file..   what are you trying to do?  just read it?   make a backup and the splitting the file will work..  copy binary just joins them back where you split it..  i’ve done it many times..  but grep will parse the file just as well.

    chesa..  what do you mean holding back on poking fun?   its unlike you to be nice..  whoops..  I mean..  poking fun. =)

    mel!  ..  you finally wrote..  =)  yes..  my first denny’s..   should be my last too..   the food was average…   i had this swiss mushroom burger..   and it looked like McCain fries..   and the burger may have been bought from burger king.

    steph..  take care of that cold..  i just got over my cold..  and lets just say i hated having the sniffles..  and the coughing..  not to mention the runs.   ouch. =)

  • whoah.. tmi.. so what happened to the thursday xanga journal entry?  studying, eh? ok.. good luck w/that.. i know you’ll do great..

  • steph..   i made my thursday entry..  just did not have time in the morning.. =)..  i have my test at  2:30pm..  but i will probably write it earlier.  =) 

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