January 21st, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   6 Comments

happy birthday bernard.. hope you have a great day..

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  • hey i got ur call… y is it that we dont get to answer our calls? hehehe… ill call yah soon..;. God bless yah…

  • steph, i thot you said his bday was on the 24th…lolz

  • hey i didnt know why xanga had my bday wrong… it was not intentional… hehehe….

  • bernard just wants to stay young longer…

  • reen.. hahaha.. ops.. i saw it somewhere as the 24th.. then i see the 21st on perze’s page.. and then the 23rd on bernards.. i think he’s trying to cause confusion so we don’t really know..

  • waaaaa…. nooooo… i am not trying to trick… ive cheater a lot of times and i think its enuf… hehehe….

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