October 17th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   6 Comments

its just a few moments before my exam..  my friend just took it.. and he said it was ok..  but oh well..   i hate multiple choice..   which is odd.. the right answer is given to you..  so you think you would even get that right.

anyhow..  had lunch..   i think people complained big time about the food here..  because i swear the food was directly from Popeye’s chicken.

speaking of popeye..   I ran into a basketball player in the lobby last night..    Popeye Jones of the Dallas Mavericks..   He used to play for the Toronto Raptors..   I had a chat with him..  and got his autograph..   my goodness..  i had my camera too.. and i did not get a picture..  how crazy is that?

anyhow..   i read the book..   i feel ok about it.. you never know though.

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  • whoa .. sam .. you are going places … when you come over i’ll get your autograph too.

  • i already got sam’s autograph perze…it’s not much…

  • sam. kidding. hahahaha…anyway. wow. you got an autograph? that’s awesome. why’d he transfer from the raptors tho? i love the raptors!

  • perze..  =)   i wouldn’t have recognised him if he was shorter..  popeye jones is pretty tall.

    chesa.. =)   i think he was a free agent and signed with another team..   you have my autograph??  you probably forged it..   that won’t get you anything. =)

  • how can chesa forge your signature.. it’s just scribble.. it starts out w/an s and then is just a line.. what’s up w/that?

  • my signature is cool..    shows confidence..  shows that i am proud of my name..   its a signature with attitude..   samattitude!

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