October 18th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   2 Comments

it’s 2am now..  i am working on something for my team lead..  ugh..   for some reason.. the folks here think i am still working.

anyhow..  i think have to work..  but will also go a lot of time to get OT.  no worries there, eh? =)

well..   i didn’t do too hot on the exam..  i really did not have my mindset properly..  and i don’t think its in God’s will for me to pass that exam..  I think i was approaching it all wrong..  which is why i did not pass the darn thing..  but no harm .. no foul..   in God’s time i will pass it..  its nothing i need right now..  its more of a spite thing ..  and that is definitely the wrong approach.

i better get back to work..   working overtime..  this is a big bonus. =)   not to mention i get to dream up some half baked solution for this customer. =)

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  • no harm no foul. wow. haven’t heard that in a while now. 🙂

  • you were up at 2am? darn.. you need to get bill to stop bothering you when you’re not at work.. he needs to do some kind of work.. and you think my job is bad? at least i don’t have milton or joe calling me when i’m away..

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